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The Kuusi Palaa project will end after only one season. The space will remain open for events & free use as normal, until the end of June. A cooperative annual/final meeting will be announced soon and held in July, during which time the cooperative will be dissolved and leftover money...

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Mahdollisuus rahoittaa toinen kausi on lopuillaan! Ilman rahoitusta Kuusi Palaa sulkee ovensa kesäkuun lopussa.

Olkaa hyvä ja mainostakaa Kuusi Palaata kaikialla sosiaalisessa mediassa ja puskaradion kautta. Rahoittamiselle ei ole tiettyä strategiaa, jokainen jäsen voi...

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KP will be inaccessible on Thursday 31 May beginning at 6:00 AM. This should hopefully be the final closure and all construction will be complete after.

The Stakeholder Potluck event will be held off-site, at Tokoinranta between the statue and cafe piritta.

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An earlier bug was causing some points activities to be submitted to the Ethereum blockchain more than once. So some people had too many points and some had too few. An audit was just completed and soon all balances will be corrected. You may see something in the activity feed that your balance...

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i would like to do a movie screening at kp and don't know if we have a beamer or sound system. if not i will suggest it for the budget.

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Kuusi Palaa will be unavailable to use between Monday 21 May at 7AM until Tuesday 22 May at 16:00. After this, there will only be one more partial day of closing sometime between 28 May and 1 June, and then the courtyard renovations will be completely finished.

The construction crew was kind...

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The courtyard concrete is finally being poured, so the entire courtyard will be inaccessible on Wednesday 25 April. Things should be back to 'normal' on Thursday, but be careful when walking over the covered concrete on that day.

The Trashlab event that was scheduled for that day has been...

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The major renovations to Kuusi Palaa's building were completed last year. However, the final stage of courtyard work will take place in March and April. Afterwards, you will no longer need to walk through garbage bins to access Kuusi Palaa.

Unfortunately, there will be three days during...

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A big thank you to everyone who bought stakes to support this idea! Kuusi Palaa has funds to survive for at least four month, and thus will begin operations officially at midnight on 1 March.

In the meantime, the Biathlon development team is frantically working to get the online proposal form...

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As the Kolmas linja space is transitioning from the former Temporary space into the cooperatively-rented Kuusi Palaa, there are a few sound and music-related activities that were previously scheduled privately and will take place just before the Kuusi Palaa launch.

While these are not...

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