Kuusi Palaa is not open at this moment!

Everyone is welcome at Kuusi Palaa - you do not have to be a stakeholder!

If the calendar does not have an event listed, then Kuusi Palaa is available as a general workspace, creative environment, and social meeting point at all other times - 24/7. If you would like to visit Kuusi Palaa, check the calendar first, then check this website to be sure that it is open at the time you are going. The Kuusi Palaa front page will always indicate whether Kuusi Palaa is open or closed, in real-time.

How it works

Kuusi Palaa is located at Kolmas linja 7 in the Kallio district. Ring the buzzer and someone will tell you the gate code. Kuusi Palaa is the second floor of the small building in the back of the courtyard. Our door is just behind the garbage bins.

The main room of Kuusi Palaa is an 85m2 space, with various secondhand furniture and other objects that have been brought to the space by members and supporters. When Kuusi Palaa is open for general use, the space is shared by anyone who happens to be there at the time. Find a chair or table, and help yourself to coffee, tea, and wi-fi. Don't be afraid to move things or rearrange furniture; Kuusi Palaa is a living, evolving space.

All visitors must check in to Kuusi Palaa! The check-in kiosk is a steel box with a touch-screen, right inside the doorway. If you have an account on this website (you don't have to be a stakeholder), you can get an ID card, which allows you to check-in easily and quickly. If you don't have an account, why not create one before visiting? If you would like an ID card, bring a 1€ coin to cover the cost of the card + chip, and be sure to first set a PIN code for your account (on this website).

You receive 2ᵽ every day that you come to Kuusi Palaa - this is to reward you for your presence, participation, and support of the space.

If you do not have an account on this website, you must take a guest ticket. Choose 'Print guest ticket' from the kiosk screen and then select the button Kuusi Palaa season 1. A small ticket will print out, like a receipt. Take this - if you later decide to join the website, you can redeeem the ticket and get your 2ᵽ afterwards.

Kuusi Palaa's stakeholders are the caretakers of the space. A stakeholder has the ability to open Kuusi Palaa any time they want. A stakeholder will always be around and responsible for the space at any given time.


The back room and sharing the space

There is a smaller back room at Kuusi Palaa which is normally kept locked. This room can be used for more quiet purposes. It can be reserved for 15ᵽ per hour through the bookings page, and if you want to organise a 'private event' - one that does not need to be supported by at least two other KP members - then you can only do that in this room.

Stakeholders can enter the back room at any time with their ID cards. If it is not booked, it is also free to use at any time; if you want to be guaranteed the room for your own use, please reserve your time.

Kuusi Palaa is a work in progress. It will not always be exactly the way you want it; it may be at times busy, loud, chaotic or confusing. Kuusi Palaa remains an experiment and work in progress; a major part of this experiment is how people negotiate shared space together.

Becoming a stakeholder

If you would like to be able to use Kuusi Palaa whenever you like, and not rely on a stakeholder to be there, perhaps you might wish to become one? Stakes cost 50€ for individuals and 75€ for registered organisation; each stake comes with 500ᵽ (Kuusi Palaa points), which you can use to pledge to events and for other purposes, as the Biathlon points system is continually being developed.

Your stake (and your membership in the Kuusi Palaa cooperative) will be valid for one year; you can buy additional stakes whenever you want, which will go towards funding the continued operation of Kuusi Palaa (in four-month seasons).

Without stakeholders, Kuusi Palaa will not be able to continue. Kuusi Palaa is entirely financed through the sale of stakes to individuals and organisations. Thank you for your interest in Kuusi Palaa and please introduce youself when visiting and get involved in the project!

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