Membership agreement

Welcome to Kuusi Palaa. To become a member of the cooperative, you need to buy at least one stake. Stakes cost 50€ each and can be paid by bank transfer. When your payment is received, your membership will begin.

Please read the following rules before continuing. 

  1. Kuusi Palaa is structured in four-month blocks, called 'seasons'. If not enough stakes are sold to finance the next season, Kuusi Palaa will stop. 
  2. A stake in Kuusi Palaa costs 50€. You can buy as many stakes as you wish, at any time.
  3. The first stake which you purchase will technically be counted as your 10€ share in the Kuusi Palaa cooperative +  your 40€ annual membership fee. 
  4. Additional stakes will be invoiced to you at a price of 50€ each.
  5. Your membership is valid for one year from the date your payment is received. You are considered as a 'stakeholder' for the next 12 months from that moment.
  6. The first stake you purchase during the next year will technically include your 40€ annual membership payment for that year.
  7. As a stakeholder, you are a member of the cooperative. You are entitled to attend the annual General meeting of Kuusi Palaa, where the next year's board is elected and other matters are decided. 
  8. Stakeholders receive one vote each in the cooperative at the General Meeting. For the official rules of the cooperative (as legally registered), see HERE.
  9. Stakeholders/members of the cooperative cannot apply for grants or funding under the name of Kuusi Palaa.
  10. Stakeholders/members of the cooperative cannot use the cooperative's name and tax ID to invoice for their own private work.
  11. Stakeholders obtain access to the Kuusi Palaa venue on a 24/7 basis. You can use the venue for your own purposes (a workspace, meeting place, social enviornment, etc.) at any time, providing there is not an exclusively scheduled event, and that you do not violate any of the rules.
  12. You may book your own private events using the Points system (see below) in the smaller back room of Kuusi Palaa (when available). Public events must be proposed on the forthcoming proposal system and supported by at least two other memers of Kuusi Palaa in order to be scheduled. This ensures not just moderation of content, but is meant to increase interest across the Kuusi Palaa community and build new creative connections.
  13. You can (and should) purchase a Kuusi Palaa ID card. ID cards cost 1€ for a standard one or 5€ for a 'deluxe' one. This ID card will function as your key as well as a way to 'check in' to events.
  14. Each stake you purchase comes with 500 Points. These Points are used in various ways to operate Kuusi Palaa and its activities. A typical public event will cost roughly 100 points per hour, with slightly higher or lower rates depending on the time of day. Keep in mind that your proposed public event must have some Points contributed by other members; likewise, you should pledge some of your points to others' proposals that interest you.
  15. If all of the stakes have been sold for the next season, you may still purchase stakes to support the next season. Your Points will be awarded at the time of purchase and can be used in the current season. If the next season does not happen because not enough funds are raised, you will receive a refund (see last rule).
  16. The exact formulas for Point usage (how public events and physical space will be shared) will be determined a few weeks before the first season begins. Your points will be allocated at this time. The 'economy' of Kuusi Palaa may be adjusted after each four-month season depending on how it goes. Your feedback is essential in fine-tuning the system. 
  17. Stakeholders/members of the cooperative can suggest items to be put in the budget for the next season, and vote on the suggestions.
  18. You are responsible for producing and executing your own public events which are scheduled through the Points system. This includes your own promotion, setup and cleanup.
  19. Any activities you propose or produce through Kuusi Palaa cannot contain hate speech, incitements to violence or anything else nasty or prohibited by law.
  20. You are free to charge a fee or ticket price for your own public events produced at Kuusi Palaa (supported through the Points/proposals system). You can allocate this money as necessary for your event or project; however, other KP stakeholders must receive a discounted price. For example, if your workshop has a 15€ fee for the general public, other stakeholders should get a reduced rate such as 12 or 13€. It's up to you, just remember that you are a stakeholder too, and you help to create a more beneficial environment to support the stakeholder system.
  21. Using the website, you may organise into groups and share a stake between multiple people. In this case, one person has to be a member of the cooperative.
  22. If mutliple people share one stake through a group, and there is a ticket price for an event, the first person from the group who turns up will receive the stakeholder discount. If a group owns two stakes, the first two people through the door will get the discount, etc. You get it. 
  23. Stakeholders/members of the cooperative who are found in violation of these rules, commit violent or destructive behaviour, or otherwise damage the cooperative may have their membership revoked at any time by decision of the board.
  24. Every member should keep the Kuusi Palaa premises in good shape - clean, orderly, etc. Kuusi Palaa doesn't take responsibility for any personal belongings left in the space. 
  25. If you open Kuusi Palaa and are here alone, you are responsible for any guests or visitors to the space. Do not leave anyone here alone unless they are also a stakeholder!
  26. If Kuusi Palaa does not sell enough stakes for the next season and decides to end operations, and you have already bought a stake for that next season, your money will be refunded, minus any costs (such as bank fees). The costs will be spread proportionally across the refunds to all members.
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