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of course we are all in residency at kuusi palaa. this is more about offering visitors from outside helsinki the space to work and maybe even live. my hope is this will bring extra vitality, interactions, and attraction to the space. write your opinion here and also which framework and conditions...
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What are we going to call this thing? (Does anyone really want to actually call it Experiment #2?)

What sort of imagery/graphic design/identity do we establish, that can be neutral enough and represent the nature of a decentralised, trans-disciplinary culture space?

How do we reach new audiences...

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To make this clear, I am also very fine with staying were we are. But why not have a look around. Below are the contacts which my colleague Hella Hernberg provided. In case you write an e-mail to anyone, feel free to refer to her and me, that might make conversation easier. Also it might be good...
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Please post here any names which come to your mind for this what we are working on.
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We will form a osuuskunta (cooperative) to have the legal existence needed. This will enable us to get a bank account and collect money for stakes, and then pay the rent and bills from this account.

Finnish bureaucracy requires a formal incorporation meeting and the election of a chairperson and...

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this is to discuss how to create relations to the outside world and practice community building. maybe it belongs to the branding discussion.
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The most crucial issue about EVERYTHING is decision making process! Decision making takes place online as it will be a)visible (with clear deadlines) b)correct (otherwise very hard to calculate it all on paper) c)flexible (people are moving around and can still be a part of the process) Decision...
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Temporary worked fairly well, mostly, as it focused on collectively programming a calendar. But stakeholders in Experiment #2 may be interested in having fixed physical space rather than programming ephemeral events; for example, one person expressed interest in buying a stake if he could have a...

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As discussed at meeting #3, Agnieszka and I agreed to go through the budget for Temporary and get a rough estimate of how much we should try to raise in each fundraising cycle (which we are calling, for now, a 'season' of four months). Here are the results: Monthly costs: ------------------- rent...
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Anyone can become a stakeholder by purchasing a 'stake' at 50€ per stake. Around 20 per month will need to be sold in order to pay the rent. These will be sold in four-month batches, so we know that we only have to rally to raise money 3 times per year.

Participation points (formerly...

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We have a deal with the landlord of the ex-Temporary space to stay there if we want. But would another place be more suitable, more affordable, or otherwise desirable?

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