Archived event : You, Mushrooming and The Future of Coworking in Helsinki : You, and the future of Mushrooming: Mushrooming Co-Creation Workshop -- 24 Mar 2018 14:00 — 18:00
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Kuusi Palaa Kolmas linja 7, FI, 00530 See on map
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Kuusi Palaa stayed open for other people to use during this event, even if they were not participating in it.
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What are some of the frequent needs, issues and pain-points that small coworking spaces and their members have in common and could these be solved more easily together?

Mushrooming coworking network calls out everyone interested on the future of coworking and coworking spaces in Helsinki to define & address the needs of small coworking space members and administrators, and figure out how could the Mushrooming network and it's web-service mushrooming.fi be more of use to them.

Connect with other creative coworkers and be active in shaping the future of the coworking scene and community around you! Join us in shaping the future of Mushrooming and coworking collaboration in Helsinki!

The workshop is organised by active members of the Mushrooming organisation, designer Hannu Aarniala and researcher Elina Alatalo and facilitated by Pedro Reis, a designer living and working between Portugal and Finland, founding member of such projects as Komuhn and Colab and a passionate advocate for the power of collaboration.


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