tapahtuma : Patterns of Decentralised Organising : Toothpaste & Code: Patterns of Decentralised Organising, part one
Toothpaste & Code: Patterns of Decentralised Organising, part one: 25 touko 2018 16:00 — 19:00
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Kuusi Palaa Kolmas linja 7, FI, 00530 Katso kartalla
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This will be our first event of 2018 and will form part one of a three part series. The second will take place in September and the third in January. This series of events is for all groups who are trying to work without (or with minimized) hierarchical structures: artistic collectives, co-ops, startups, NGOs, companies, activist networks, etc. Pixelache has for many years attempted to adapt such a decentralised mode. We came up with some of our own solutions that worked, but still struggle with some basic issues.

We have realized that we are not alone with these struggles, and that those challenges are rather common to any group trying to work without a traditional command-and-control structure. How can we be inclusive without spending all the time in meetings? How to deal with power imbalances? How to undo our programming and develop an open, collaborative culture?

We will approach this through practical workshops, demonstrations of tools we have found, and analytical challenges.

In this event we intend to make toothpaste, continuing our work making face cream at last year's Pixelache festival. We will demonstrate the power of NextCloud as a method of avoiding reliance on Google for shared working. We will play decision-making games.

We encourage everyone to bring things to eat and drink; preferably (but not necessarily) things you have made yourselves.

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