Archived event : Kuusi Palaa platform development : Finnish translation pizza party -- 5 Apr 2018 18:00 — 21:00
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The Kuusi Palaa web platform is being continually developed, with new features and fixes arriving every day, as you have possibly noticed.

However, the developers of the KP platform are not native Finnish speakers and thus the site, which strives to be fully bi-lingual, has been following the 'English now, Finnish later' strategy. As it seems more important to get the functionality working, and then worry about the translations.]

As a result, there is a ton of text here that is missing on the Finnish side - menu items, buttons, error messages, full pages, the description of this event, etc.

The KP Finnish translation pizza party is open to all, though really fluent Finnish speakers are preferred. Bring your laptop and we'll have some FUN GROUP TRANSLATION times. A member of the Biathlon development team will make (vegetarian + vegan) pizzas and answer any questions. Please register here just to let us know your dietary preferences.

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