Arkistoitu tapahtuma : Body-Mind Wellbeing hub : Body-Mind Meditation and Breakfast -- 26 touko 2018 10:00 — 12:00
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How we feel, what we feel, even what we think, is a direct function of our bodily chemistry. Our organism is reducible to cells and these cells, as well as spaces between them, are reducible to chemical elements.

There are two ways we are creating/affecting our bodily chemistry.

One is by in taking substances from the environment and the other is by the movement of the bodily matter (intentional or unintentional, constant or occasional movements and thoughts).

So our health and wellbeing depend on what comes in through our mouth, lungs and skin and on what is happening with our body-mind.

The Body-Mind hub is imagined to be a place where you can get your daily intake of healthy food and activities.

This pilot session is meant to have a taste of the concept, discuss it and develop it.


There is a number of chemical elements and compounds that we have to intake in sufficient quantities every day in order to maintain the health of our physical body. Most of them can be found in particular plants we use for food and we will eat most of them for breakfast and discuss healthy nutrition.

Meditation (*meditation is any activity that stimulates awareness)

Our metabolism, as a result of physical and mental activity, produces some amount of waste, that is then extracted from our system in various ways. If that waste, some of which acts as a poison for our cells while some clogs our vessels, stays and accumulates in our system, we feel bad, tired, unhappy, depressed...

Physical and mental wastes interact and add to each other, producing each other and feeding on each other, exacerbating each other.

What can we do intentionally with our body, and mind, which is one of the same, to stimulate extraction of waste from our system?

There are exercises and practices that stimulate these processes, while at the same time filling us with energy and enhancing active brain capacity. We will try some of them and discuss their potential in bettering our overall wellbeing.

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