This week at Kuusi Palaa - 24 June 2018


Here is what is happening this week at Kuusi Palaa. Kuusi Palaa is located at Kolmas linja 7, in Kallio. You can visit and use Kuusi Palaa any time it is open - please check www.kuusipalaa.fi to see if it's open at any given moment.

This week at Kuusi Palaa - 24 June 2018

Poetry Potluck
26 Jun 2018 15:00 — 18:00 @ Kuusi Palaa, Kolmas linja 7, FI, 00530
Free entry ; You will earn 5ᵽ for participating
Organised by Ava Grayson


New proposals

  • EASTERN SOMATICS: Tao of the body - 24 Nov
    Proposed by Ilmari Kortelainen
    EASTERN SOMATICS Tao of the body Everything is moving all the time. Wind is blowing, trees and plants are growing, blowing wind moves the leaves of...
    2050ᵽ still needed

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Thank you for your interest and participation at Kuusi Palaa.

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