Proposal : EASTERN SOMATICS: Tao of the body
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27 Sep
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24 Nov 11:00 — 25 Nov 15:00 (2018)
The calendar will be reserved for this starting from 24 November 2018 10:00
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90.00 €

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Short description
Viikonloppu kurssi, jossa yhdistetään meditaatiota ja kehotietoista liikettä (somatiikkaa), ja huomioidaan liikkeen suhde ympäristöön sekä muihin kehoihin.
Proposal description

Tao of the body

Everything is moving all the time. Wind is blowing, trees and plants are growing, blowing wind moves the leaves of a tree. Somebody lives in that leaf. Newly built architectures change the structure of a city. Microbes live in our body, new families, tribes, societies are born. What is the nature of human? What is moving me?

This workshop draws on meditation and somatic movement practiced in Chinese and Japanese contemplative practices. The western somatic practices are built in this workshop on the basis of meditation, stillness, and meditative movement. Workshops aims at sensing together our subjective bodily knowledge in the forms found in the eastern meditative traditions of Chi gong, Zen-Buddhism and Butoh, and recognizing body within its environment.

The aim of this bodily thinking is to become more aware of the body’s relation to the surroundings, and to recognise the possibility, that there is no immediate line between the body and the environment. Movement takes place in the air, in relation to other bodies, environment and its sounds around us and social surroundings such as post-industrial cities. We recognizes the connections between different bodies, space and as well as non-human entities. Talent of listening can offer new aspect to understand our being and give new starting point for movement.

Our inspiration is coming from Chinese and Japanese practices and body philosophies, for example Butoh and Zazen. Additionally we are inspired by the practices that could be described more as “western” somatic tradition, such as authentic movement, dance improvisation and contact improvisation. The workshop moves between these polarities of eastern form, and western no-form somatics. We ask: Can we still dance, while we are listening? Is there a change to ease to our body-minds deep stream, well – to the universe.

The course works for everybody, and does not assume any special background of the bodily practices, and course fits also for the people who have already some experience from the meditative practices.

“The path that one person follows is not the correct path for any other person. Each of us must walk his own path to enlightenment— that is the way.”
- I Ching

See: https://web.facebook.com/events/1053385794812479/

Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12o9HFFBnbni37qWhE_KlybSYZPB25unhpJVdOYk73Hw/edit

Place: Helsinki

Saturday 24.11. 12–17 and
Sunday 25.11. 12-17


90 € Early bird (register before -1.11.2018)
100 € Late bird (register before it starts)
75 € discount for unemployed, student, pensioner, financial difficulty

FI89 5734 7520 0356 81

(10 euros of each payment goes to the KUUSI PALAA communitys rent)

Tittariina Koivisto is passionate about dance and movement: she is trained therapist in chinese medicine in Neijing school. She has lead and guide different collaboratory dance groups (butoh, contact- improvisation etc.), dance and somatics courses and has also been educated in dance and somatics in ISLO. Tittariina is interested in somatic movement research, and dance improvisation.

Researcher, somatic and meditation practitioner Ilmari Kortelainen PHD (University of Tampere) has training in ISLO: Education in dance and somatics - Itä-Suomen Liikuntaopisto. In his work Kortelainen has focused on investigating bodily being and movement through body phenomenology and theory of social embodiment. Kortelainen is interested in generating alternative, socially responsible utilisation of meditative practices, such as meditation as social enquiry. At the academic level, Kortelainen has PHD in philosophy, and he has edited for example Finland’s first multidisciplinary book on the subject: Mindfulness and Sciences (Kortelainen et al. 2014; See also Kortelainen et al 2017; Stanley-Kortelainen 2018).

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