How to get a Kuusi Palaa ID card

Kuusi Palaa uses a simple and inexpensive ID card to operate. All Kuusi Palaa users can have an ID card - you do not have to be a stakeholder! The ID card allows you to check into events and open times on the electronic kiosk, where you can earn points for participating and not have to print out those guest tickets any longer.

To get an ID card, you have to first set a PIN code on your user account. If you haven't done this, you will be bothered by a big red box on every page until you do. If you forgot your PIN or want to change it, simply edit your profile ('Your account -> Edit your profile') and enter a new one.

Once you have done this, you can make your own ID card on the check-in kiosk at Kuusi Palaa. Simply go to Kuusi Palaa any time it is open -- either for a scheduled event, or when it is open at another time by a stakeholder who is working there. The website says on every page in real-time whether Kuusi Palaa is open or closed and there is usually someone there every day.

On the check-in kiosk, tap 'Link new card' and the enter your username or email address. The kiosk will search the database for your account, and if you have set a PIN, you can then select yourself from the menu. Tap 'Enter PIN', then enter your 4-6 digit PIN, and then tap 'done'.

Next, take a blank card - they are usually in a pile on top of the kiosk - and place it on top of the card reader. Tap the 'Link card' button on the right and wait. It takes a few moments to write the card data and sometimes there are errors, but it should work. If it doesn't, try going back to the beginning and starting over, as sometimes the cardreader times out after it has been idle for awhile.

If the card was successfully written, leave it on the reader another moment; after writing, it will then automatically scan the newly-written card. If it worked, it should find your user account from the card and allow you to check in. Tap the event you are checking in to (or 'Kuusi Palaa season 1' if you are just there for general open/free use) and then you're done. 

It would also be lovely if you could drop a 1€ coin into the plastic bucket on the kiosk to help cover the cost of printing the cards and the NFC tag.

Please write your name on your card and keep it secure. If you lose your card or it becomes damaged you can create another one. You can manage your ID cards yourself through the 'Your account -> Your ID cards' page on the menu. If you are a stakeholder (or become a stakeholder), you can mark one of your cards to function as a key through this page - there will be a small key icon next to the a card that is active as a key, and you can test it on the door. If you lose a keycard, please delete the card from the database immediately for security reasons. You can have as many cards as you want, but only one at a time can be a key.

If you are not a stakeholder you can still use your KP card to check into events on the kiosk, or to check in to general open time if someone else has the space open. If you decide to become a stakeholder (and you should!) then you will be able to set your card to be a key as soon as your payment is received; then, you can open the door 24/7 and use Kuusi Palaa whenever you want.


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