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17 Apr
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4 May 2018 18:00 — 20:00
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The Finnish Astronaut Vesa Heilala tells about his passion
Proposal description

Vesa Heilala has booked a spaceflight from Virgin Galactic in 2010. At Kuusi palaa evening he will tell you about his childhood dream which is go to space. In 2010 it was estimated that Vesa's flight will be 2013, but it did not happen. Vesa is not unhappy because of this longer waiting time, because it has made him possible to do some interesting things.

Vesa's will show videos and pictures from spaceflight, Spaceport America, Zero-G flight, Rocket-Car, Wife carrying contest, 100 km walk and G-force training. In this presentation you will see a short history of space travel from 1961 - 2018 and also some ideas of the future space travel. Vesa's presentation will give you some thinking of dreaming and also some fun moments are guaranteed:). All this will take your time about 60 minutes. After presentation we can have discussion and you buy Rocket-Boxers from Vesa. (20 EUR).

You can also follow Vesa at:

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