Proposal : Constructing greenhouses
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Please see: Constructing greenhouses
Proposed on:
20 Mar
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4 hour(s)
Main room
Kuusi Palaa can stay open for other people to use during this event, even if they are not participating in the event.
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Short description
Everybody comes up with solutions for window sill/balcony greenhouses, some of them could be possibly executed at Kuusi Palaa (window sills area for example). We would be making the mini greenhouses and planting the seeds.
Proposal description

My idea was to build lovely looking green houses that would make the Kuusi Palaa space look nicer and also provide herbs and food. Also if people just wanted to build something for their own home use. To share ideas how a greenhouse should work or could look like and what can be grown/ sharing the seeds and ideas.

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