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12 Mar
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16 Apr 2018 15:00 — 19:00
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Kuusi Palaa can stay open for other people to use during this event, even if they are not participating in the event.
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An open informal afternoon with the performance artist STELARC
Proposal description

Stelarc is a performance artist who has visually probed and acoustically amplified his body. He has made three films of the inside of his body. Between 1976-1988 he completed 26 body suspension performances with hooks into the skin. He has used medical instruments, prosthetics, robotics, Virtual Reality systems, the Internet and biotechnology to engineer intimate and involuntary interfaces with the body. He explores Alternate Anatomical Architectures with augmented and extended body constructs like with his 3rd hand or Ear on Arm . http://stelarc.org/

Stelarc will be in Helsinki for a workshop at the Theatre Academy. We would like to organize an open informal afternoon to discuss, ask and have room for exchange with Stelarc.

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