Archived event : TrashLab -- 17 May 2018 17:00 — 20:00
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Kuusi Palaa Kolmas linja 7, FI, 00530 See on map
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Main room
Kuusi Palaa stayed open for other people to use during this event, even if they were not participating in it.
Event description

Let's meet again, repair, thinker, fix, break, up-cycle and reuse our broken things! A (semi-) expert team of fixers and avid thinkerers will be at your disposal and ready to help you with your broken stuff, but self-reliancy and experimentation is encouraged!

* In this TrashLab we will be concentrating on your broken devices, electronics, bikes and other consumer products to repair! Bring your 'trash', bring your 'waste', we do not judge!

For those who are not familiar with the TrashLab concept: Trashlab explores experimental art-design-technology practices between hacker and maker cultures, in the context of re/up-cycling and the increased availability of new fabrication tools.

Trashlab’s objective is to build up a community of people (artists, designers, hackers, makers, re/up-cyclers, activists) who are concerned with material and electronic waste in contemporary society, and tackle this problem with creative and tangential approaches.We follow the aim to encourage a peer-based learning environment related to hacking electronics, repair practices, appropriate technology for renewable energy production/usage, digital fabrication, reusing and re/up-cycling materials.

Photo Credit: Justin Tyler Tate

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