Archived event : Jon Collin, Pehmeät Mummot, Boom Edan -- 12 May 20:00 — 13 May 00:00 (2018)
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Kuusi Palaa Kolmas linja 7, FI, 00530 See on map
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Main room
Event description

An evening of out sounds from the UK, Helsinki and elsewhere.

Starring Jon Collin (UK/Stockholm):

Jon Collin is a guitar player from Lancashire, UK, currently based in Sweden. On record he plays either improvised freeform abstract blues or through-composed minimalistic utilitarian drone music. His live shows are improvisations using a system of body, mind, breath, strings and electricity. His most recent LP is The Nature (Early Music; 2017).

"Acoustic string improvs of great abstraction, clangor and depth, recalling a certain vibe that Loren Connors once called his own, although there's no aping here. Lots of dizzy inventions of clustered strings that manage to maintain a certain melodic beauty for all their weirdness. There are even bits of wobbled slide and sustain that recall Fahey at his loosest. Totally boss." – Byron Coley


Pehmeät Mummot (Helsinki)

The music of Mummot derives from Bach's preludes, taking recognisable melodies as its starting point. These are played, looped, and varied with a touch of improvisation on a keyboard and then worked through, transformed, and twisted by synthesisers. The result is a mixture of throwback sounds of early futuristic ambient and electronic pop, with its roots in classical music.


Boom Edan (Helsinki)

Many sounds being played at the same time by one man, words too.

+ presentation of the Winogradsky Columns workshop happening earlier in the day

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